What Is The Strum Community Foundation?

The Strum Community Foundation was formed in December 2009 by a few local families. The idea was two years in the making before we decided to give it a shot.

Our Purpose: to raise funds for projects to enhance and grow our community.

One of our goals is to partner with other local non-profit groups and the community to achieve things greater than any of us could alone by matching funds and donating time. We are making efforts to work more closely with the Lions Club, Tri-County Cruisers, Eleva-Strum Youth Association and the Woodland Park Renovation team. The funds raised will be evaluated by the foundation board and will be allocated at their discretion to projects or organizations throughout the Village of Strum with an emphasis on opportunities for our youth.

Why BrutusFest?

The name “BrutusFest” was created to honor the memory of a young man named Brent Windjue, who was known as “Brutus.” Brent tragically died in a car accident in 2006. In years past, Strum was home to several community celebrations such as Steam Engine Days, the Street Dance, and StrummerFest. In recent years, no such community festival has taken place. The desire to bring back a community celebration, paired with a desire to memorialize a good friend, prompted the Strum Community Foundation to officially form. 

What Have We Done So Far?

2014 marks our fifth annual event and the first four years have been a great success. We have offered kickball tournaments, golf tournaments, Nintendo tournaments, Bean Bag tournaments, Kids Olympics, live music, food and fun. Each year we try adding new events that will expand our reach and increase our ability to raise funds. New this year will be a cook off featuring local fire departments and a 5k run/walk. Our goal has been to raise funds to help finance some of our projects. 

From These Funds We Have Made The Following Contributions To The Community:

  • $10,000 donation to Strum’s Woodland Park improvement fund in 2013. New park equipment was installed in August of 2013!
  • $1,000 donation to the Strum Public Library
  • $250 to Creative Beginnings Preschool
  • $1,000 to various Eleva-Strum academic and athletic groups
  • Over $4,000 improving the infrastructure of the Viking Recreation Area, including upgrades to the utilities, ball park and concession areas. By improving these facilities we ensure we have a location that is suitable to host an event long term.
  • Annual scholarship fund, a $250 scholarship to a graduating Eleva-Strum student in 2012, expanded to two $500 scholarships for 2013 graduates.

Where Do We Go From Here?

We have had a tremendous amount of volunteer time and monetary donations to help get us off the ground. We need to continue to grow involvement from other community members. This may mean participating on the planning committee, organizing an event, volunteering services or goods, monetary donations or donating your time to work at one of the events.  We want and encourage everyone to get involved.

Be A Part Of The Strum Community Foundation!

If you are interested in becoming active in the foundation, please contact any of the following for more information:

Board Members:    Brad Windjue, Paul Myhers, Lisa Windjue & Josh Stendahl

You’re also invited to join us at any of our monthly meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Viking Golf Course at 6:30 p.m.